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We are

#1 in the Industry for Customized MELs

Meet David Burk

With a background working as an Aviation Mechanic in the military and at Delta, he founded Aerodox in 1999 with the aim to help pilots and planes stay in the air, worry-free.

Providing quality MELs since 1999

We stay at the forefront of national and international policy changes and industry fluctuations. By actively participating in the NBAA, as well as attending Maintenance Conferences and Industry Group meetings,

Aerodox stays in the loop

so you can stay in the air.

Why Aerodox stands apart

With decades of MEL experience on our team and thousands of aircraft under our support, we combine professional quality MEL solutions with small-town customer service, for a competitive price.

At Aerodox,

our team and services are second to none.

Come see us!

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