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MELs, CDLs, & NEF Programs

Due to the aviation industry being highly regulated, aviation professionals must comply with the documentation requirements of the FAA or other authorities.

At Aerodox, our staff has many years of experience working with MELs, dealing with FOEBs, communicating with aviation authorities from around the globe, navigating complex FAA/other authority Policy Letters, and much more.  

Aerodox also possesses extensive experience working with Maintenance and Operations Procedures manuals, both inside and outside the United States, and incorporating them into your MEL.

Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

An Aerodox MEL, or Minimum Equipment List, is a document customized to your aircraft, incorporating:

  • Required information from the MMEL

  • Manufacturer’s Procedures documents

  • Definitions

  • Preamble and more

Our MEL provides what, if any, restrictions that may be imposed on the aircraft and how long an item can be inoperative in accordance with acceptable safety levels.  In our manuals you will also find necessary procedures all in one user-friendly format. In some cases, a Configuration Deviation List (CDL) may be included with the MEL.

Configuration Deviation List (CDL)

Contents of the CDL are items found in the Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) appendix generally for parts that are missing from the exterior of the aircraft.

Nonessential Equipment and Furnishings (NEF)

An NEF Program (Nonessential Equipment and Furnishings) allows operators to defer inoperative, damaged, or missing nonessential items located throughout an aircraft.

Aerodox offers two different types of NEF Programs; Standard or Customized to your aircraft.

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